Our Services



Full Indoor Home Cleaning (Non-Toxic)

  • Wipe surfaces

  • Brief tidy

  • Vacuum whole house

  • Mop all hard surfaces

  • Bathrooms (shower, toilet, vanity, bath)

  • Whole Kitchen (excluding oven)

  • Make Beds

  • Weekly and Fortnightly options


  • Dusting 

  • Cleaning walls

  • Tidying clutter

  • Windows

  • Mirrors

  • Inside cupboards

  • Fridge clean out

   Hygiene Note: Clients must provide their own vacuum and mop with bucket to prevent cross contamination of bacteria, hazardous black mould and potential communicable disease from home to home and family to family.
Many other cleaners use the same fabric mop head for mopping all their client homes all week every week. This almost always involves them mopping all client kitchens, dining and family living areas with the same mop head that is used to mop all their client bathrooms. This is of course, very very unhygienic. 

Also, unlike many other cleaners, all our fabric cleaning cloths are disposable and are strictly thrown out between each household. We do not reuse cloths from house to house. 



  • Laundry (sort, wash, dry, fold, put away)

  • Ironing

  • Bed linen

  • Tidying

  • Organising - Cupboards, pantry, play rooms, home office

  • Meal preparation

  • Kitchen duties


Mothers Help for Brand New Mum's

  • Laundry, Ironing, Bed linen changes

  • Newborn minding and care while mummy rests

  • Baby room set up

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Pharmacy runs and prescription filling

  • Home de-clutter and organisation

  • Baby food preparation and planning

  • Family meal preparation

  • Rubbish bins on rubbish day

  • Out of house errands

  • Order baby supplies 

  • Nappy changes

  • Childminding of older children when mum is busy with Bub

  • Rubbish and nappy bins

  • Ironing

  • Laundry 

  • Transportation for mums that don't / can't drive



Mature Citizens or the Over 55's

  • Driver service to take you to events, sports clubs, meet ups and social gatherings or medical appointments

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Dog walking, pet care and pet transportation

  • Pharmacy runs including prescription filling

  • Organise home delivery meals or we can do the meal planning and preparation ourselves

  • Booking of appointments

  • Rubbish bins on rubbish day

  • Laundry

  • Personal shopping and gift buying/wrapping

  • Pick up and delivery of post and packages

  • Dry cleaning and alterations drop off and pick up

  • Ironing

  • Light Cleaning and Housekeeping

  • Car servicing pick up and drop off

  • Fill cars with petrol

  • Organise and book professional cleaning, de-cluttering and junk removal services

  • Take cars to be washed

  • Cooking

  • Gift buying

  • Fetch and carry  

  • Post and parcel collection and drop off 

  • Home organising

  • Kitchen clean and tidy and dishwashing




De-Cluttering and Organising 

  • Linen cupboards

  • Wardrobes 

  • Drawers and dressers

  • Home offices

  • kids play rooms

  • Kitchen cupboards

  • Pantry




Post Surgery Home Assistance

  • Grocery shopping

  • Fetch and carry

  • Rubbish bins

  • Light cleaning and housekeeping

  • Meal prep

  • Car servicing pick up and drop off

  • Fill cars with petrol

  • Take cars to be washed

  • Laundry

  • Trips to doctors and appointments

  • Pharmacy runs, prescription filling

  • Pet care




Animal and Pet Care

  • Dog walking

  • Pet feeding

  • Pet nannying and minding whilst you are away or at work 

  • Puppy / geriatric dog or cat care – Drop in and check on your young or elderly pets and take them outside or for a walk and clean up any messes or clean or replace waste trays whilst you are at work

  • Transportation - Drop off and pick up pets from:

    • Vet appointments

    • Doggie day care

    • Dog park for a run around (we know some fenced parks)

    • Boarding kennels

    • Cat Motels

    • Groomers

  • (We can help you find and book these, we know some great places)

Animal Related Credentials

- Animal and Pet First Aid Certificate in 2018 -

- WIRES - Rescue and Immediate Care Course in 2016 -

This is a personalised pet service which means we only care for pets from one family

at a time to ensure the very best care and attention is given to each and every animal.

We ensure water bowls are filled, unsafe items are out of reach, doors and windows are locked, attend to any special requests you may have in relation to your special fur children and that every animal is left happy, comfortable and most importantly, present and safe when we leave every premises.


Melissa has 3 cats and a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel of her own who mean more than

anything in the world to her.

She has a long standing history keeping and looking after animals both throughout her entire childhood and during her work as a Nanny where she has looked after many pets along side human children.


Melissa's mother trained as a Registered Nurse and her younger sister a Vet Nurse, so it makes sense that she has adopted the same interest and love of care for both children and animals.


Melissa recently obtained her Animal and Pet First Aid Certificate and will treat your pets

with the utmost love and care as if they were her own.


Whilst we adore all animals and pets, unfortunately we cannot handle any aggressive or dangerous animals for obvious safety reasons.


At the present time we do not ordinarily offer over night stays unless under very special circumstances.

If a high demand for overnight stays arises we will certainly consider putting options in place for them in the future.



Child Related Services

Melissa has 10 solid years of experience working with children both as a carer in day care centres and as a nanny in private homes that spans over a period of nearly 15 years.

Note: Heavenly Households is not a nanny agency so does not require any additional up front costs or fees.

Our hourly rates take into account the many years of childcare and nanny experience Melissa has had as well as the many extras that can be offered alongside the care of your children.


Melissa also holds the following current and up to date child related certificates and documentation:



Childcare Credentials

- Advanced Level First Aid -

- Education and Care Setting First Aid -

- Working With Children Check -

- Police Check -



Melissa also holds a current Pet First Aid Certificate to ensure the safety of your pets whilst she is nannying in your home.

  • Highly skilled and experienced child carer with over 10 years experience working in both childcare centres and as a Nanny / Housekeeper / Home Manager in private homes.

  • Experience with babies, children and teens of all ages as well as sole charge full time care of newborns as young as 4 weeks. 

  • Please note that we are not solely a Nanny or Babysitting service, we are a family, home and lifestyle concierge service that also provides childcare, childminding and child schedule management in addition to household and family management.

  • We do much more than just babysit your kids and pick them up from school, we can take charge and manage, not just your kids and their schedules but your whole household, your family and personal errands and duties for the duration of our job post.

Child Related Services

  • Sole charge childcare / childminding of children of all ages including newborns

  • Bottle feeds

  • Nappy changing

  • Bathing

  • Before and after school care

  • Child pick up and drop off to and from school, extra curricular activities, sport, private lessons, doctors appointments and more

  • Library, park and other fun outings

  • Play date and extra curricular activity, organisation, supervision, preparation, drop off and pick up

  • Grocery shopping with kids or whilst kids are at school / activities

  • Kids party planning, booking, co-ordination, clean up and assistance on the day

  • Child schedule management

  • Housekeeping and home organising of children's rooms. Help and encourage older children to help tidy and manage their rooms.

  • All kitchen cleaning duties

  • Meal planning, purchasing, preparation and serving of kids meals

  • Help with home work

  • School and daycare event attendance (if you can't make it)


Note: As long as it does not interfere with the safety and well being of your children we can usually carry out most or all family and household tasks whilst caring for children. However, please keep in mind though that whilst childminding, especially whilst in sole charge of very young children, the number one priority is that of the safety, health and welfare of the child, so whilst we will always strive to get all your to do list tasks done there may be times when certain tasks can't all be completed whilst there are children in our care, due to the level of care and attention required in order to keep them safe.

Note: At the present time we do not ordinarily offer over night stays unless under very special circumstances. If a high demand for overnight stays arises we will certainly consider putting options in place for them in the future




Shopping Service

Includes sourcing, travel, POS (Point of Sale), unpacking, unloading, putting away and wrapping gifts if required

  • Grocery shopping

  • Speciality shopping - Wedding, Liquour, hardware, Manchester, Homewares etc.

  • Gift sourcing, buying and wrapping

  • Complete Christmas shopping and wrapping

  • Christmas shopping drop off and pick up if you want to do it yourself without the hassle of finding a park

  • Source difficult to find products or special ingredients

  • Shop around for the best deal

  • Source, order and purchase of home appliances

  • Internet research and shopping

  • Flowers, floral arrangements, gift hampers and other thoughtful gift deliveries

  • Purchasing furniture, accessories, home wares and home appliances




​​House and Garden Minding

Need someone to check and maintain your home whilst you are away?

Someone to pop in and make sure all is well?


Check out some of the great services we offer to help ensure things are kept neat, tidy, fed, watered and safe whilst you are gone.


  • Turn on sprinklers and give garden beds a water

  • Bins on rubbish day

  • Drop in pet feeding, dog walking and pet care

  • Co-ordinate and supervise professional cleaners, landscapers, pool cleaners or other tradespeople in the home whilst you are gone

  • Check and take in your mail daily, weekly or fortnightly

  • Check your house, open blinds, curtains or windows

  • Turn on lights to discourage burglars

  • Stock your pantry or fridge with food prior to your return




Holiday, Rental and Airbnb Property Care

Do you need someone to care take of your investment property when you can't be there yourself?


We can take care of all those chores and errands that are required in order to have the place ready for new clientele.

  • Take out and put bins back on rubbish day

  • Over see and let trades people into the property

  • Shopping and re-stocking

  • Look out for any damage caused by holiday makers or renters

  • Exterior sweeping

  • Water plants, lawn and Garden

  • Welcome holiday makers and renters upon arrival 

  • Attend to holiday makers requests

  • Book reservations for holiday makers





Whole Household Management

  • Change bed linen

  • Laundry

  • Dry cleaning, garment, shoe alterations and repairs drop off and pick up

  • Ironing

  • Grocery shopping 

  • Recycling assistance

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Child care

  • Child transportation

  • Dog walking

  • Pet nannying

  • Fridge clean out

  • Rubbish bins on rubbish day

  • Source and co-ordinate professional cleaners

  • Organise and oversee removalists when you are moving house

  • Help with packing when moving house

  • Fetch and carry while you shop

  • Christmas shopping

  • Transportation if you don't or can’t drive

  • Gift sourcing, wrapping and delivery

  • Kitchen tidy and dishwashing

  • Event organisation and co-ordination

  • Home organisation and de clutter

  • Filling prescriptions and pharmacy runs

  • Organise and book professional de-cluttering and junk removal services

  • Book appointments

  • Parcel collection and postage

  • Car servicing and repairs, pick up and drop off

  • Fill cars with petrol

  • Take cars to be washed

  • Child Schedule Management

  • Help with home / family business

  • Pick up and drop off kids to and from school and all daily appointments and lessons



Home Maintenance and Tradesman Co-ordination

  • Wait for the arrival of and supervise tradespeople in your home

  • Source and or co-ordinate tradespeople for jobs such as professional outdoor or indoor cleaning, landscaping, rubbish removal / council clean up, gutter clean out, cable TV installation, painting, pool maintenance, household cleaning and much more. 

  • Source and then be available in your home for the delivery of white goods and furniture etc



Home Re-locations

Moving house can be a difficult, stressful and emotional experience. We can help alleviate some of the pressure by helping out with things like:


  • Packing

  • Moving small or medium items from house to house

  • Source & co-ordinate removalists and truck hire

  • End of lease and moving cleans

  • Research and enrolment in local schools and day care centres

  • Looking for the best long term storage solutions

  • Booking hotel rooms 

  • Searching for rental properties and other temporary accommodation


Liaising with:

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Locksmiths

  • Cable companies

  • Phone and Internet companies



Basic / Light Garden Care

  • Light weeding

  • Basic pruning of small plants or low shrubbery

  • Watering lawns, garden beds and potted plants

  • Sweeping

  • Leaf blowing with small electric blowers (if you have one)

  • Adding soil, mulch or chip bark to small areas

  • Re potting / planting small plants or seedlings

  • Shop for garden supplies



Personal Driver Service

Car out of action? Lost your licence? Want to have a few drinks at dinner?

You hire us with our car as your driver for the duration of time you need to attend your engagements.

We drop you off and wait until you need us to pick you up again. (our hourly rate includes all petrol and parking fees)


  • Designated driver service

  • Appointments

  • Shopping sprees

  • Big events

  • Bars and restaurants

  • The Zoo with the family

  • Local festivals

  • Local sporting events

  • BBQs

  • The movies

  • To and from work


Personal driver services can also be offered for outside service areas at the discretion of the Heavenly Households team member but will incur a slightly higher cost than trips within our service areas.




Motor Vehicle Care and Maintenance

  • Drop off and pick up cars to be serviced or repaired

  • Fill cars with petrol

  • Take cars to be professionally washed (we can declutter and empty prior)

  • Give cars a quick hose down in between professional washes


Reservations, Events & Entertainment

  • Holiday planning and booking

  • Designated driver service – we drive if you can't

  • Wedding assistance

  • Restaurant and bar reservations

  • Events and parties

  • Taxi, Shuttle Bus, Limousine hire, Sports car, Yacht hire and charter bookings

  • Send RSVP's

  • Organise caterers

  • Invitations & Thank You notes

  • Concert and theatre tickets

  • Sporting event tickets

  • Yoga and Pilates bookings

  • Health retreat bookings

  • Gym membership booking

  • Spa treatment bookings

  • Hair and beauty bookings

  • Kids parties, holiday and activity bookings


​​Our Pledge

Heavenly households is happy to complete any task that you request even if it isn't listed here on our website. You really are limited only by your imagination. However, we must make clear that we will only carry out requests that are legal, ethical, moral, appropriate and within reason and we

won't complete any requests that we feel compromises the health or safety of any person, child or animal.