Our Rates


$50 per hour 


$52 per hour

Once-off / Sporadic Help

$55 per hour 

Fully Insured

Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Nanny insurance 


Our rates include all services including full top to bottom (non-toxic) indoor home cleaning

(excluding oven cleaning)

contain NO hidden fees, NO admin or registration costs

Clients must provide a suitable mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner.

We do not supply these as they are breeding grounds for bacteria and mould that would get spread from home to home.


All other products are provided by us, including non-toxic cleaning products.

Our rates cover and include all local

travel and petrol costs within the Northern Beaches and Neighbouring North Shore Suburbs.


All you are required to pay is the set hourly rates and we will complete as many different services you desire in a suitable agreed amount of time.

Our rates however, do not include any third party bills, shopping or sub-contractor costs,

these must be paid for first hand by the client.

We just require a bare minimum of 4 hours per job.

Meet n’ Greet Phone Call

Prior to making a booking we give you the option of

having a free 20 min meet n’ greet telephone call with Melissa the owner, prior to commencement of a placement

so that you can meet us, get to know us and discuss your

requirements before we begin work in your home.

Please contact us with your requirements for a quote:


Full Day Lunch / Rest Break Rule

Please bare in mind that with all full day shifts (any job post

over 5 hours) a lunch / snack break must be allowed to reduce

fatigue and allow the Heavenly Household team member to eat

and sit down for 10-15 mins. The break is only unpaid if no children or pets

are in our care (this includes sleeping children) and we

aren't required to continue providing services during the

break, in which case the break would still need to be covered

by our hourly rate.


Hours of Operation 

Mondays - Fridays 7am - 7pm 

How to make a booking

Write a clear and concise to-do-list outlining all of the services,

errands and chores that you require then email your

list to us with your desired day or days and start times and

we will get back to you to discuss a suitable number of hours

and to confirm and book these in.


Our email:



Things to note

We require an absolute bare minimum

of 4 hours of work per job per day.

We tend only to service the Northern Beaches and

neighbouring North Shore suburbs but depending on how far out

you are we can make exceptions.

The cost of travel within the Northern Beaches and some of

the neighbouring suburbs of the North Shore area are included

in our hourly rates. Any travel requests made that require us to travel from

inside our service area to these outside areas are at the

discretion of Heavenly Households and may incur further


Our fees do not include third party bills, shopping, or gift

purchase costs.

We do not currently offer over night stays as yet.

A cancellation fee of 50% will apply if we are not given

more than 24-hours notice or if we are unable to gain access

to your residence to complete a service request. 

All once-off jobs must be paid for prior to the day of the job.


All weekly job payments must be made within one week of services being

carried out by Heavenly Households.