Who We Cater To 

We cater to many different individuals including but not limited to...

  • Busy Professionals

  • Mums and Dads

  • Expectant mums

  • New Mums

  • Single Mums

  • Single Dads

  • Single Professionals

  • Frequent flyers

  • Parents of Fur Children

  • Senior Citizens

  • Elderly clients



It could be:

  • Single professionals who work long hours

  • Couples with two incomes but zero time

  • Professionals that spend a lot of time out of town on business

  • Expectant mums who need help organising and setting up for the arrival of baby

  • New mums needing an extra hand and a little time to recover and recuperate

  • Single parents struggling to do the job of two people

  • Parents of fur children who need a fellow experienced pet owner and animal lover and to help care for their beloved pets

  • Senior Citizens who can't handle quite as much these days as they used to



You may find it helpful to enlist our help and services if you:

  • Work long hours

  • Are expecting or have just had a baby

  • Are a busy stay-at home-mum who just needs that extra pair of hands (and feet and wheels)

  • Need help in the home office

  • Are a single parent or caregiver needing a little extra assistance

  • Need a driver to drive you to and from appointments or social functions when your car is out of action

  • Need someone to book and arrange social appointments

  • Have kids that need to be taxied to and from school, play dates, sport and other extra curricular activities

  • Have just had surgery or an injury and need help to do in home and out of home errands and duties

  • Are a Senior Citizen who needs a little more help than they used to getting all the important things done around the home or office

  • Are elderly and need assistance getting in home and out of home errands done